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Responsible citizens of planet Earth, understand the interconnected nature of ecological, economic, and social systems. OSPI ISE standards 2009

The goal of the EE Core units is for our students to be able to become informed citizens who understand how to balance their present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs; while at the same time ensuring the long term ecological, social and economic health of our world community.
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Population 911!

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Pop 911 end of year instructions

Where Does your Water Come From?

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World population video

Where Does your Waste Go?

Where Does your Wastewater Go?

Where Does your Electricity come from?

Where Does your Natural Gas come from?

Your Water Footprint

Our Family's Auto Carbon Footprint

A Present for the Environment

Earth Hour Site

Earth Hour Site

earth hour Earth Hour 2015 Video
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Skyview's 7th Annual Earth Day Sustainability Survey!!

Fiver Rules of Environmental Action

Five rules of the Environment

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